"A collection of cardboard tubes saved from used toilet rolls" - architecture and design

"A collection of cardboard tubes saved from used toilet rolls"

In this week's comments update, readers are not impressed with Frank Gehry's Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi.
Trash talk: readers think the Frank Gehry-designed art museum in the United Arab Emirates, which is finally set to begin, has a jumbled design.
"A cacophonic heap of trash," said HeywoodFloyd.
To which Chris H added: "I'm picturing the model on a table. A collection of cardboard tubes saved from used toilet rolls, twirls of Bacofoil and whatever could be found in a quick litter-pick of the neighbourhood. What a hotchpotch."
"Is this designing from the outside in, or what"" asked Colin MacGillivray.
"It looks like a cumulative collection of Gehry's work thrown together as an epitaph to the man himself," said Chris. "The whole precinct feels somewhat absurd, if water levels rise what will happen to the art"" There was one reader who shared a positive note:
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Uninspiring: architect Vincent Callebaut's Notre-Dame proposal, which features a roof that will generate energy and food, has received mixed reviews.
"Leave Notre-Dame alone," said Nikola.
"From the aesthetic point of view this project is very bad because the roof in this design becomes more important than the rest of the building," agreed Ma?gorzata Bogus?aw. "This roof screams and dominates the cathedral."
To which dl77sea responded: "Isn't a dominating roof almost a definin...
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