"Lace-like" terracotta screens keep Cobogó House in São Paulo airy and light - architecture and design

"Lace-like" terracotta screens keep Cobogó House in São Paulo airy and light

Architecture studio YTA has used traditional Brazilian Cobogo? bricks to create screens that help keep this home in São Paulo naturally lit and well ventilated.
The two-storey house is built with a suite of simple materials including steel frames, cement blocks and the Cobogo? bricks ? a hollow ceramic block commonly used across South America to allow for ventilation and lighting in the hot climate.

Fernando and Humberto Campana also chose the bricks for an Aesop store in the city, Brazilian architect Alan Chu used it for an apartment renovation, while Frida Escobedo worked with the blocks for a Mexico gallery.

In Cobogó House, the decorative screens are slotted into portions of the steel frame to create a comfortable environment for the owners to work from home during the day. Artificial light also filters out at night, adding additional effect.

"The whole house lights up and shines out through the lace-like walls," said YTA.
The property comprises two wings form the ground level. Off to one side is an area for the owner's children, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a play area tucked underneath the staircase.

The other wing contains the family spaces, and includes the open-plan kitchen, living and dining area. Sliding glass doors and clerestory windows provide plenty of daylight, and lead to an outdoor patio that wraps around this space and overlooks the back yard and pool.

The garden features an abundance of tropical vegetation chosen by the owner and...
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