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12 skinny houses that make the most of every inch

With space at a premium in cities, architects are designing homes that can squeeze into the narrowest of gaps. We've rounded up 12 skinny houses that are four-metres wide or less to show that size isn't everything.

1.8m Width House, 1.8 metres, Tokyo, Japan, by YUUA Architects
In Japan, skinny houses are called 'eel's beds' for their long and thin shape. Built on a plot in one of Tokyo's densest areas, YUUA Architects designed this eel bed to fit between two existing buildings.
Split-level floors create natural partitions for rooms that are only 1.8 metres wide. Instead of internal walls, the Japanese studio added these extra "floating" floors to mark out the different zones of the house.
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Love2 House, 2.5 metres, Tokyo, Japan, by Takeshi Hosaka Takeshi Hosaka's single-storey dwelling has a modest 19 square-metres of floor space, but includes all the room required for him, his wife and their favourite leisure activities.
Flat skylights at the top of curved roofs ensure the house receives daylight, and the high ceilings bring a sense of space to the compact home.
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Tiny House in Kobe, 2.5 metres, Kobe, Japan, by FujiwaraMuro Architects
Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects slotted Tiny House in Kobe in between two older residential buildings. Set back from the main street, the house even includes a garage within its 2.5-metre-wide plot.
With a triple-height atrium to allow sunlight to the lower f...
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