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6 Tiny Houses Inspired by Disney Characters

Great architecture and interior design finds inspiration in innumerable places, so what better way to unleash creative thinking than by tapping into some of the most imaginative ideas on the planet" With six very specific Disney characters in mind, review site Angie’s List and marketing agency NeoMam Studios worked together to explore the things each of them might prioritize if they left their magical lives of luxury behind for a shot at the minimalist tiny home lifestyle.
The process began with several hours of research in the form of watching and analyzing popular Disney films to better understand the elements that would be absolutely essential to each character in their 300 square feet (or less) of living space.
Woody’s Tiny House (Toy Story)
In a single word, Woody’s tiny house can best be defined as rustic. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s aesthetically boring. While the sheriff embraces the wraparound Old West-style balcony, complete with iconic rocking chair, the exterior of his home screams Western mountain appeal.
The inside resembles a classic cabin with wood plank flooring and wall accents. Woody’s recognizable cowboy hat hangs from (cruelty-free) bone antlers, with an even more impressive antler chandelier taking center stage overhead. A wood stove, open shelving, and rustic cabinets round out the intentionally simple design.
Elsa’s Tiny House (Frozen)

While this tiny home may not be as spacious as Elsa’...
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