Alejandro Aravena leans huge chimney against concrete house on Chilean coast - architecture and design

Alejandro Aravena leans huge chimney against concrete house on Chilean coast

Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena has hollowed the huge tilted volume of this weekend getaway along the Pacific Ocean in Chile to form an opening for a fire inside.
The Pritzker Prize-winning architect, and founder of Chilean studio Elemental, designed the property for a rugged site in Los Vilos, located 250 kilometres north from Santiago. Called Ocho Quebradas, which translates as Eight Ravines, it forms the first in a series of retreats that are planned for the area.

"We saw the site and the fact of being a weekend house as an opportunity to explore a certain primitiveness," said Elemental in a description.
"The geography was so brutal, that only a strong and manly set of elements was appropriate," it added. "The Pacific Ocean here is not pacific at all; the water is white do to the violence while meeting the earth."
The simple construction comprises three massive volumes of varying sizes and arrangements.
A horizontal concrete volume cantilevers off the edge of the sloped plot ending with a large window to the view, and contains all of the facilities required by a couple. Rising tall behind it is a vertical volume that houses additional guest bedrooms with a terrace on top.

Tilted to rest against the latter, the third volume is hollowed inside to form an opening for a circular fire pit below. Inside the house, the opening punctures down to the floor of the volume underneath to make space for the open fire, with glazing wrapped around i...


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