Algorithmic Lace bra designed for style and comfort post-mastectomy - architecture and design

Algorithmic Lace bra designed for style and comfort post-mastectomy

Designer Lisa Marks has combined traditional handicrafts with technology to create a unique bra especially for people who have had mastectomy surgery.
The Algorithmic Lace bra is designed to fit the form of an individual's body after they have had breast tissue removed during cancer treatment.
The bespoke design has two distinct advantages: first, it forgoes the underwire of a typical bra that can cause pain post-surgery, and second, it can create the illusion of symmetry and curves underneath.
The Algorthmic Lace Bra is designed for women post-mastectomy
US health department statistics show that as many as 60 per cent of women were opting not to get reconstruction after a mastectomy, an option known as "going flat".
"For women who have had a mastectomy, there is nothing that fits them," Marks told Dezeen. "They have mastectomy bras that can hold a prosthetic, but there isn't anything they can wear that fits their current shape." "This is made to fit their individual body, but it is patterned to give the illusion of symmetry."
While other solutions might be more practical for everyday, Marks imagines people might choose the Algorithmic Lace bra for special occasions and intimate moments.
The design combines algorithmic technology and traditional weaving
Marks won the Lexus Design Award 2019 in Milan for the design. A part of the faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology, she is particularly interested in using digital advancements to...

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