Architects celebrate Goldsmith Street's "game changing" Stirling Prize win - architecture and design

Architects celebrate Goldsmith Street's "game changing" Stirling Prize win

Architects, critics and politicians are taking to twitter to celebrate Goldsmith Street becoming the first ever social housing scheme to win the RIBA Stirling Prize.
Mikhail Riches and Cathy Hawly's high-density Passivhaus scheme was awarded the UK's biggest architecture award last night, becoming the first social housing scheme to win the award.
It has been widely celebrated as a significant moment in the 23-year-history of the prize, with TV architect George Clarke hailing it as "a game changer".
The V&A's Meneesha Kellay added that it was a "big win for architecture in the interest of public good", while Charles Holland said the decision was "heartening in every way".
"So councils can procure smaller, design-focused architects, use traditional build contracts, achieve Passivhaus, create beautiful housing and not break the bank," added architect Claire Bennie.
So pleased that a social housing project has won the Stirling Prize. Just shows the kind of architecture we can design when we view council housing in a positive light as opposed to building the bare minimum because there's no profit incentive.
? Frankie Leach (@francesleach_) October 9, 2019

Tate Hindle's Vinesh Pomal also praised the decision, saying it was "a powerful message to public and private sector clients", while British architect Julia Barfield said that schemes like Goldsmith Street "should become the new normal".

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