Atelier Pierre Thibault turns Ottawa residence into minimal apartments - architecture and design

Atelier Pierre Thibault turns Ottawa residence into minimal apartments

Quebec City architecture studio Atelier Pierre Thibault has added a slatted wooden terrace to the rear of a house in Ottawa, as part of its transformation into two apartments.
Atelier Pierre Thibault overhauled an existing house in New Edinburgh, a quiet area just north of the city centre, into a pair of two-storey apartments stacked above one another. The project is named Les Voisines, which translates as The Neighbours.

"The goal was to improve the diversity of the neighbourhood's housing stock, but preserve its essence," the studio said in a project description.

Minimal black and white metal panels clad the front of the building and are punctured with large windows to offer views to the street.
The wooden terrace runs up three stories of the back of the building to offer outdoor space for all of the residents. It is partially shaded by a wooden lattice that is intended to provide a frame for growing vines.
Both units in the development enjoy outdoor spaces that directly connect to the neighbourhood's public lanes, which the architects describe as a benefit to the residents and also to the city in general.
"Fully using the available footprint as an outdoor living space is respectful of the existing structure, but also creates a stronger connection between the units and the street," said Atelier Pierre Thibault in a project description.

Partially sunken patios flank the front and back of the lower property building.
At the front, floor-to-ceiling wi...

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