BMW Group Australia and RMIT University launch YourMelbourne competition - architecture and design

BMW Group Australia and RMIT University launch YourMelbourne competition

The second edition of YourMelbourne, a competition that challenges students to conceptualise their vision for the city of Melbourne in the year 2030, was launched today by BMW Group Australia and RMIT University with an expanded scope. 
Initially launched in 2019 and targeted at high school students, the second edition of the competition is now open to students from partner university, RMIT, led by the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at the RMIT University College of Business and Law.
Previously YourMelbourne was open exclusively to high school students, but for 2021 the competition will be open to pre- and post-graduate students from the initiative?s partner university, RMIT. 
In addition, all entrants will be asked for ideas that align their project with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Each YourMelbourne entry will be judged on five core pillars: Public Mobility, Private Mobility, Urban Planning, Connectivity and Sustainability. 
Students are encouraged to integrate their ideas and execution concepts across different academic disciplines, from design and technology to user experience, engineering and business aspects.
They can enter as individuals or as a group, with more than $10 000 combined in cash prizes on offer and the option to experience driving a BMW Group plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicle. 
Winning entries of each category will be selected by an expert p...
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