Buduo Teahouse, Xinmin Town Xiamen - architecture and design

Buduo Teahouse, Xinmin Town Xiamen

Buduo Teahouse, Xinmin Town Xiamen, Xiamen City Commercial Building, Modern Chinese Interior Architecture Photos
Buduo Teahouse in Xinmin Town
11 May 2022
Design: Wanmu Shazi
Location: Nanshan Village, Fengnan Farm, Xinmin Town, Xiamen, China

Photos by 1988 Photography Studio / A Qi
Buduo Teahouse, China
Early last year, a ?Trump Buddha? statue merging the image of Donald Trump with Chinese Zen became a social media hit.
The humorous and surreal statue is designed by Wanmu Shazi, a creator with diverse roles.

Undefined roles

Wanmu Shazi has multiple identities. He started his career in wooden furniture sector. He is a woodwork enthusiast, and has been actively engaging in various design fields, including but not limited to furniture, space, architecture, sculpture, and garment, etc.
Several years ago, while searching for a new site for his woodwork workshop named ?Wanmu Gongfang?, an abandoned cement factory in Fengnan, Xiamen caught the eye of Wanmu Shazi. Through renovating the factory, Wanmu Shazi started his exploration in spatial design.

The abandoned cement factory is situated at the foot of a hill, surrounded by verdant hills in the distance. With farmland nearby, one can hear roosters crow and dogs bark on the site. Refraining from massive demolition and reconstruction, Wanmu Shazi decided to retain most of the factory?s original structures during renovation.
Several giant ?cement cylinders? left behind in the old factory, with their towering space, gave Wan...
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