Citroën's 19_19 concept car aims to take passengers on a "magic carpet ride" - architecture and design

Citroën's 19_19 concept car aims to take passengers on a "magic carpet ride"

Citroe?n's vision for the future of intercity travel is a fully electric and autonomous "living room on wheels", which takes cues from aviation design.
The 19_19 concept marks the French automotive brand's 100th anniversary, and is designed as a long-range companion to the ultra-compact Ami One city car concept revealed earlier this year.

The 19_19 concept is able to reach 100 kilometres per hour within five seconds, with a top speed of 200 kilometres per hour.
A fully electric powertrain with a range of up to 800 kilometres also heightens the feeling of being "in a bubble" by minimising noise, whilst reducing the vehicle's carbon footprint. Quick charging technology also enables the car to reach 600 kilometres of range from just 20 minutes of charge. Designed to offer "ultra-comfort" while helping passengers escape from the city, the 19_19 concept car features a "cocoon-like" cabin that acts as an extension of the rider's home, described as a "living room on wheels".

The 19_19 concept is also equipped with an artificial-intelligence-powered personal assistant built in to the dashboard, which controls the vehicle when in autonomous mode, and interacts unprompted with passengers via a predictive system that anticipates the needs of each occupant.
A black panel on the side of the car serves as a user interface for other people and cars approaching the vehicle.
The 19_19 can detect its driver, and uses this panel to we...

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