CLB situates Queen?s Lane Pavilion between two creeks on remote Wyoming site - architecture and design

CLB situates Queen?s Lane Pavilion between two creeks on remote Wyoming site

Perforated metal screens and glazed walls define the exterior of this low-lying house in the American West, which was designed by CLB Architects to preserve wetlands and wildlife habitat.

The former projects, all designed by firm principal Eric Logan, include a guesthouse made of timber and stone, a wine silo clad in oxidised steel, and a covered wooden bridge. Earlier structures have a traditional look while later ones are more modern ? demonstrating an evolution in the client's aesthetic.
The single-storey, two-bedroom house was conceived as a "serene glass pavilion" that offers comfort at all hours, in all seasons. L-shaped in plan, the house follows the footprint of a razed structure that predated the current owners.

Wrapping certain parts of the exterior are perforated metal screens that allude to the property's patinated wine silo. The screens help mitigate heat gain while adding an artistic element to the facades. "These metal sheets, cut to a pattern derived from a photo of a surrounding cottonwood grove, modulate the views and cast interesting shadows inside the home," the studio said.

Within the home, the layout is simple and fluid. The short bar contains a garage, mudroom and laundry facilities. In the longer bar, the two bedrooms flank both sides of an open area for cooking, dining and relaxing.
In the public zone, floor-to-ceiling glass provides an intimate connection to the landscape while also ushering in soft, natural light.

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