D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism Unveils Twelve Storey Mass Timber Project in Victoria - architecture and design

D’Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism Unveils Twelve Storey Mass Timber Project in Victoria

D’Ambrosio Architecture and Urbanism is proposing a 12-storey multi-family mass timber residential project called Speed Frances, located on Speed Avenue in the heart of Victoria.

The project is being built for Mike Geric Construction and the team also includes Aryze Developments.
The Speed Avenue development will make use of all-wood mass timber construction; it will also be one of the tallest mass timber multi-family residential projects in Canada.
?There are a number of projects proposed around BC, and the Speed Avenue development is much further ahead than any I know of,? said Peter Moonen, National Sustainability Manager with the Canadian Wood Council. ?Speed Avenue is the tallest building of its kind in Canada and will be fully constructed out of mass timber. Other proposals may include an element of mass timber, but not to the extent of Speed Avenue.? The development includes two distinct buildings: a 12-storey mass timber market mid-rise with 179 homes and a 6-storey wood-framed building containing 66 homes.

The Speed Avenue project addresses two issues that are critical to the future of Victoria: future-proof sustainable building technology and housing affordability.
A portion of the 6-storey building will provide affordable homes to those who qualify based on household income. This approach will introduce diverse and inclusive housing options to a market that many Victorians have been priced out of.
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