Daan Roosegaarde partners with Scribit to bring space waste into people's living rooms - architecture and design

Daan Roosegaarde partners with Scribit to bring space waste into people's living rooms

Designer Daan Roosegaarde is the latest creative to collaborate with Carlo Ratti's Scribit project, creating a robot-drawn illustration based on his ongoing research into space waste.
Launched via a kickstarter campaign in 2018, Scribit is a small robot that draws erasable images on vertical surfaces in marker pens, effectively turning any wall into an automated whiteboard.
Designers Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) wanted Scribit to not only be a source of constantly updating artworks but also data, news, and information on social and environmental causes.
Roosegarde's collaboration with the company represents a combination of the two. It is an exclusive, original illustration from Studio Roosegaarde about space waste ? a problem that the Dutch designer terms "the smog of our universe".
"We need to look at space in a more effective way," said Roosegaarde. "What is space waste" How can we fix it" What is its potential""
Some of the ideas to come out of the Space Waste Lab, which included NASA and the European Space Agency among its collaborators, were to make the waste into shooting stars, use it to 3D-print moon habitats or assemble it into a gigantic sun reflector to reduce climate change.

Roosegaarde's goal in collaborating with Scribit is to raise awareness about the issue at a time when human pollution is mainly thought of in terms of land, sea and air.
The little robot is pitched at both home and office environments as an alte...
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