EFFEKT completes spiralling Camp Adventure tower in midst of a Danish forest - architecture and design

EFFEKT completes spiralling Camp Adventure tower in midst of a Danish forest

Danish architecture studio EFFEKT has built a helical tower that invites you to climb up above the treetops of the Gisselfeld Klosters Forest in Denmark.
The 45-metre-high tower forms part of Denmark's largest climbing park, Camp Adventure, located an hour's drive south of Copenhagen.

It is the culmination of a 900-metre-long woodland walkway that weaves between a series of climbing courses, offering visitors a 360-degree view over the trees, hills, lakes and meadows that make up the natural landscape.
"Nature provides the real experience," explained Tue Foged, one of the two founders of Copenhagen-based EFFEKT.
"We just made it more accessible and offered a series of new and alternate perspectives."

The structure has an hourglass shape, defined by the changing curvature of the spiralling ramp. This is supported by an external framework of crisscrossing diagonal columns that stretch all the way up from the ground to the top.

Structural elements are all made from weathering steel, which gives the building a rust orange colour.
By contrast, the walkway is made from boards of locally sourced oak, helping it to blend with its setting amongst oak, pine, beech and birch trees.

Its gentle incline means that, unlike many similar experiences, it is also accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users.

"The tower is shaped to enhance the experience of the visitor, shunning the typical cylindrical shape in favour of a curved profile with a slender waist and ...
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