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Encore Dunhuang Theater | BIAD-ZXD ARCHITECTS

Designed by BIAD-ZXD ARCHITECTS, The Encore Dunhuang Theatre is located in the suburbs of Dunhuang, Gansu. With a construction area of 65,000m2 and a gross floor area of 19,900m2, it is a theatre dedicated to the theme of drama. The architect had to give more consideration to the connotation and denotation of the building, keeping the theme expressed by the theatre consistent to the drama, the environment, and the history. Only in this way can the architect create a piece of unique and relevant work.
Photography: Du Yi
Encore Dunhuang is fully in azure blue. Situated in the endless Gobi, it is just like a water drop in the desert. With such an absolutely precious meaning, it is a metaphor which manifests the significance of Dunhuang to world civilization. The building will eventually develop into part of the site naturally, forming a meaningful dialogue between the local nature and context. A sharp contrast formed between the building and the site can give the audience a feeling of time standing still. Such an experience surpasses the past and the future, initiating a space-time resonance of nature, building, and man. Photography: He Shu
The project site is restricted by the regional height of the Mogao Caves Scenic Spot, adjacent to a large sunken square in the south. Based on the special site conditions, the architectural image is designed to gradually rise from the ground at the main entrance, in the north. The functional spaces of the building change in their heights, p...
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