Envisions explores the future of the humble paving slab - architecture and design

Envisions explores the future of the humble paving slab

Dutch design collective Envisions has developed a paving strategy for the city of Eindhoven that involves cutting, washing and stamping stones.
Envisions, named Emerging Designer of the Year at Dezeen Awards 2018, has created a series of samples showing how Eindhoven's streetscape could better reflect its identity as a global hub of creativity and innovation.
The Dutch city, home to Design Academy Eindhoven, previously imposed the rule that all paving should be red, yet there were no limitations on style or pattern. As a result, the city's current paving includes a range of incongruous designs.
Envisions has created a series of samples for Eindhoven's future paving
Designers Iwan Pol, Simone Post, Tijs Gilde, Tomas Dirrix and Sanne Schuurman proposed three methods that could be used to make paving stones more diverse in colour while also allowing them to better complement each other. "The current paving throughout the city centre lacks unity," explained Schuurman. "There are almost 100 different types of stones, and it appears very fragmented and not thought through at all."
The samples demonstrate three innovative processes: wash out, cut out and stamp
"There should be a stronger protocol put in place for paving and its functions, so that the grounds of the city can consistently represent Eindhoven in the best way," she told Dezeen.
"The current paving references the city only by colour," added Gilde. "We need a more outspoken f...
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