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Facing a reservoir built to store agricultural water, the site is recovering its primitive landscape day by day and trying to resemble a natural lake. This place might have formed a natural boundary with waters along a slope. But one day, humans hands found the place, and they cut paths through it and laid out stone walls along these paths to impose a hierarchy on the land. Inevitably, however, a development rush that can be commonly found in any suburb areas came in. Such a situation requested to establish a new relationship between architecture and land as well as architecture and architecture.
Photograph by Yoon Joonhwan
The plots given to three architects share borders with each other, but their different hierarchical position is forming a clear boundary. And the topographic uniqueness of land has been disappeared long ago. Implementing an arrangement plan that makes architectures correspond with this man-made boundary is meaningless here. Therefore, a new order is established based on a completely new arrangement plan to erase the existing boundary. The scenery of the surrounding water space is coordinated to provide not only a visual experience but also a physical experience through various activities so that it can serve as a medium to embrace water. This water reflects clouds in the sky and pine trees nearby, and through an illusion of primitiveness that the site once had in the past, it might be able to give an opportunity to experience the mythical story of Narcis...
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