Fredrikson Stallard makes furniture cast from "humble" cardboard - architecture and design

Fredrikson Stallard makes furniture cast from "humble" cardboard

London studio Fredrikson Stallard has completed the Reformation collection of furniture and art made using cardboard found on the streets of the city.
Between Another Landscape is cast in bronze and finished with patinated bronze
The collection includes a series of low-level coffee tables, a cabinet and a console table made from bronze cast to resemble cardboard, as well as a dining table made from aluminium with a white lacquer finish, and wall-hung works.
All eleven pieces are cast from collages of cardboard or use actual cardboard in their composition.
Imperator dining table is made from aluminium and finished with white lacquer
"We've worked with cardboard a number of times over the years, and we often work with low value materials," explained Ian Stallard co-founder of Fredrikson Stallard. "It's quite important in a way as you can be very free with a low value material. We always say that if you have a beautiful canvas and are about to start a painting it can be very daunting and you're more likely to make mistakes," he continued.
"Working with cardboard it great as there isn't that inherent preciousness of working with the material itself."
Justification by Grace is a coffee table made from pressing a cardboard collage to be cast in bronze
The designers describe the material as "extraordinarily versatile, with a complex language of its own".
To produce the pieces, the studio collected huge quantities of abandoned cardboard packa...

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