Gerrit Rietveld: Wealth of Sobriety unearths the architect's lesser-known projects - architecture and design

Gerrit Rietveld: Wealth of Sobriety unearths the architect's lesser-known projects

Photographer Arjan Bronkhorst has created a book that aims to expose under-the-radar projects by revered Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld. Dezeen has picked out seven of the most intriguing.
Spanning over 500 pages, Gerrit Rietveld: Wealth of Sobriety gives a close insight into 20 residential projects completed by the Dutch architect.
Rietveld, who was born in Utrecht in 1888, is best known for his UNESCO-listed Schroder House. However, throughout the course of his career, the architect completed close to 100 homes which haven't seen as much media attention.
This encouraged photographer Arjan Bronkhorst and Rietveld historian Ida van Zijl to document the lesser-known properties. Over a period of two years, Bronkhorst and Van Zijl managed to visit 65 homes. The pair then whittled down a selection of 20 to appear in the book, selecting properties which the felt still acutely reflected Rietveld's architectural style.
"Rietveld is known internationally for two things: the Schröder House and the Red Blue chair ? but there's so much more from his hands that's worth seeing," Bronkhorst told Dezeen.
"He [Rietveld] does not have the status of Le Corbusier or Van der Rohe, but when you regard his creative mastermind he's at least their equal," he continued. "Perhaps it's time to revaluate his oeuvre."
Each project has a dedicated chapter, which gives a written overview of Rietveld's design process, standout decor features and significant alterations that...

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