Green Massage Healthcare Center Shanghai - architecture and design

Green Massage Healthcare Center Shanghai

Green Massage Healthcare Center, China Commercial Project, Chinese Interior Architecture Images
Green Massage Healthcare Center in Shanghai
10 Aug 2020
Green Massage Healthcare Center
Architecture: Vermilion Zhou Design Group
Location: 3FW-01, No.168 Hubindao, INFINITUS Mall, Shanghai, China
Green Massage aims at providing soothing professional healthcare to busy people with fast-paced urban life in a private and elegant environment. It leads to the modern concept of health and healthcare, integrating modern scientific techniques on the basis of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It dredges the channels and collaterals, nourishes one’s spirit and relieves pressure through comprehensive conscious massage, and other methods.
With its unique business operation, how to provide the quality and professional service has its high requisition. The whole treatment process is not only in the single massage room, it is starting from the entrance when the guest walks inside. This is a journey for the guest to recover from their fatigue, and the healing way is to touch for the human’s five senses.

To satisfy the basic function, and to upgrade the whole sense of experience, that is our purpose.

“Moon” has become our design concept. We try to isolate the hustle and bustle which is located in the busy shopping mall. The gray tone and texture full around in the whole space is like the surface of the moon, quietly diluting all the restlessness. There is n...

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