Hangzhou Senbo Resort by The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture - architecture and design

Hangzhou Senbo Resort by The Design Institute of Landscape & Architecture

Hangzhou Senbo Resort located in Xianghu Lake Resort Area, a 4A scenic spot reputed as the ?Sister Lake? of West Lake.

1, Characteristics ofHangzhou
Thanks to the characteristics of Hangzhou?s landscapes, the city?s public transportation can directly access to the park, enabling visits to enjoy the pleasure of vacation without going out the city.This project is precisely one of our special vacation groups in the paradise.

2. Looking up under the bayberry
Three years ago, we came to the project site for the first time, rambling through a dense, tall and zigzagging bayberry forest. The sunshinescarcely penetrated through the gaps be-tween branches and leaves, scattering some mottled light and shadows on the ground, that was quiet but somewhat gloomy.As I walkedinto the open place outside the forest and un-consciously looked up at the bayberry forest in front of me, Isuddenly felt an impulse to ?rush? out of the forest.Instead of being alone, architecture should ?grow? along with large trees, and create an upward tension, a posture of co-growing with environment in combina-tion with the site slope and bayberry forest. Hence, the concept of ?Star Cube?is approach-ing like another kind of organic living that looks up at the starry sky together with bayberry trees on this site. 3. Come from the inward
According to the gentle slope terrain, the indoor space is divided into three differ-ent,progressiveelevations connected by staggered steps.The entrance p...
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