Hoggs & Lamb recreates features of ancient Babylon in Sydney restaurant - architecture and design

Hoggs & Lamb recreates features of ancient Babylon in Sydney restaurant

Recessed arches, free-standing stone plinths and hanging rooftop plants are designed to recall the ancient ruins of Babylon inside a restaurant and bar in Sydney.
The restaurant, which takes its name from the city of Babylon, is located on the rooftop floor of Westfield shopping centre. Hogg & Lamb designed it with numerous arches and niches from travertine and natural stone to recall the ancient city.

Overall Babylon has been arranged as a miniature city, with different zones designed as urban districts containing enclosed groups of tables that are the buildings.
"We researched Mesopotamian cities and artwork which helped influence the planning, the buildings, streets and arcades were helpful to create a locale, we were carful not to make a 'museum', but rather a place where people can have fun, relax even misbehave," said Hogg & Lamb co-founder Greg Lamb. "Cities generally break down into quarters or districts each with their own character, we tried to reflect this in the way the venue is planned by adjusting the volume and materials of the various spaces," he told Dezeen.

Blocks containing the central kitchen, where Middle-eastern cuisine is prepared, and the bar spatially divide the floor area.
Roofs of the other structures within the restaurant are disconnected from the ceiling to enable plants to hang over the edges.

Travertine plinths and vaults throughout the design meet the timber parquet flooring, where the similarities in appearance...
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