Hooba Design Group wraps Tehran office in glass-punctuated bricks - architecture and design

Hooba Design Group wraps Tehran office in glass-punctuated bricks

Hooba Design Group used bricks with glass inserts to create a "semi-transparent character" for the headquarters of brick manufacturer Kohan Ceram in Tehran, Iran.
Tehran-based Hooba Design Group designed a special type of brick, which was manufactured in Kohan Ceram factory, for the six-storey block's facades.

"The spectacled brick was exclusively designed by our office and produced by Kohan Ceram factory for this project," said Hooba Design Group founder Hooman Balazadeh.
"The final block was achieved based on a series of trial and error samples," he told Dezeen. "A close cooperation between our office and the producer resulted in an innovative building block which combines brick and glass to create a singular module."
The brick, which has circular glass inserts, was used across the building's facades where it creates geometric patterns broken up by narrow window slits.
Similar bricks with a round indentation, instead of the glass inserts, complete the exterior. Concertina window shutters in the same rust-coloured hue as the brickwork and with matching circular cut-outs cover the building's windows to create a unified look for the facade.

The block contains parking on its ground floor with a reception area and showroom for Kohan Ceram spread over the two floors above. The third floor contains office space for the company, with an apartment occupying the upper two floors.

Throughout the building the specially made bricks are visib...
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