House in Ashiya - architecture and design

House in Ashiya

Stark grey precast concrete, with an orderly gridded pattern covering every single surface visible to the eye. Large openings, pouring skylights, verdant greeneries embracing the neighbourly views. Monolithically, House in Ashiya by Japanese architecture firm Kazunori Fujimoto Architects stands still like a gentle giant in a residential area of Ashiya city, Hyogo Prefecture.
With the given name, the project projects itself as a family dwelling. However, volumes of void within the structure, in combination with elements such as cool grey tones that dispel any warmth that?s associated with familial qualities, and peculiar circulation arrangements, one can instead read the project as an installation that experiments with living behaviours. Exhibiting geometric angles at perpendicular angles, intersecting cubic aggregations create an airiness that lifts up the brutalist sculpture. Here and there, lines of metallic materials heighten the sense of industrial living conditions that is often present in urban spaces. The insertion of rectangular openings, however, gives soul to the structure through a visual connection of inside and outside. The visibility of surrounding trees breathes a subtle warmth to inner space, whisking one?s thoughts of manmade nature. This is also apparent in the concrete spiral staircase that was parametrically planned and casted onsite. Using digital softwares to calculate, edit, and maximise the concrete?s tensile qualities, the architects were able to mi...
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