House of Many Vaults "kneels down" towards shrine in Lebanese mountains - architecture and design

House of Many Vaults "kneels down" towards shrine in Lebanese mountains

LEFT Architects has built a house with a giant vaulted roof in the mountains of the village Niha that is designed to kneel down to one of Lebanon's most visited religious sites.
Aptly named House of Many Vaults, it is distinguished by its sweeping roof composed of multiple vaults that both dictate the home's internal layout and reference traditional cross-vaulted dwellings found in the region.
The slope in its form is designed by LEFT Architects to create two contrasting elevations ? one that is large and open to frame sea views, and one that bows to the tomb of the prophet Job.

"The house was aligned on its site so as to maximise views and in response to a nearby historical shrine," explained the studio's co-founder Ziad Jamaleddine. "In the northwest direction, the roof rises and squarely opens up towards the sea view. In the southeast, it slopes and kneels down in multiple pitches, angling its form towards the site of the shrine of the prophet Job," he told Dezeen.

House of Many Vaults was commissioned by a Lebanese businessman living in Abu Dhabi who wanted a summer holiday home that could accommodate all of his extended family.
Inside, its vaulted structure defines a mix of private spaces for each family member and a double-height, open-plan shared living space at is centre.

"Besides the collective programmatic requirements of the large family areas, the client wished to house all his children and their families under one roof," added J...

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