Ivy Studio adds pops of colour to Spacial co-working office in Montreal - architecture and design

Ivy Studio adds pops of colour to Spacial co-working office in Montreal

Mint green and burgundy are among the hues incorporated into a Montreal co-working space that Canadian firm Ivy Studio designed to "stand out from its competitors."
The office is located on the second floor of a 743-square-metre building in Verdun, one of city's trendiest neighbourhoods. The space formerly housed a Jiu Jitsu gym and a beauty salon.
Spacial co-working office includes mint and burgundy hues
This is the first location for the new co-working brand Spacial. Local practice Ivy Studio was charged with designing a flexible work environment for up to 120 people.
"Being the first of its brand, this space had to stand out from its competitors by offering a unique vision for co-working," the team said.
The project was designed by Ivy Studio The team divided the rectangular space into two distinct zones.
The front portion encompasses public areas that are largely used for informal working, socialising and relaxing. In the rear, the team created a more private area with about two dozen rentable offices in varying sizes.

Throughout the space, contemporary finishes and decor are paired with original building elements, such as exposed ceiling joists and brick surfaces.
In many areas, the team coated the walls with an off-white plaster and covered the floors with light-grey terrazzo. Much of the furniture is black, although dashes of colour are sprinkled throughout.
Dashes of colour are set against monochrome walls
Upon entering, one encounters a rounded...
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