Japanese details influence Hudson Valley getaway by Tsao & McKown - architecture and design

Japanese details influence Hudson Valley getaway by Tsao & McKown

Japanese architectural principles informed the design of this house in Upstate New York by Tsao & McKown, which uses heavy timber construction to eliminate the need for bearing walls and create an open layout.

Manhattan-based studio Tsao & McKown took on the task of designing a vacation home for two long-time clients on a secluded plot of land in Pound Ridge, New York, after building two other homes for the couple and a showroom for the wife's fashion brand.

Pound Ridge House is laid out on a single level, forming a longitudinal band that runs roughly east to west. It encompasses 2,900 square feet (269 square metres) and includes a guest annexe a few steps away from the main house.

Throughout the home, the main construction material used is wood. "The house is formed of exposed heavy timber construction, a rarity today, which ? in addition to its natural beauty ? has the added advantage of eliminating the need for walls, thus opening up the plan," said Tsao & McKown.
"The crafted timber structure was flamed to enhance the wood grain and darken its hues, to recede from view as it frames expansive vistas of the surrounding gardens and forests."
From the driveway, a gently sloping ramp leads up to the main entrance, which is adjacent to a shallow reflective pond. A colonnade frames the walkway and directs guests to the entrance.

This leads to the entertaining space, which is divided into two separate areas by a fireplace. Built into a stone...
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100 metre long helical staircase is clad with 10 tonnes of copper