Jean Jullien turns faces into plates for Case Studyo - architecture and design

Jean Jullien turns faces into plates for Case Studyo

French illustrator Jean Jullien painted happy, sad and unimpressed expressions for his new collection of plates. 
The six Face Plates are handmade and moulded in porcelain, with each design featuring a different colour, shape, size and set of facial features.

A bright blue circular face looks to be smiling contentedly, while a pale blue oval plate has a slanting mouth that appears more uncertain.
A pastel yellow design seems distinctly unimpressed, and a smaller pink plate features a mop of curly hair and the distinctive long nose Jullien frequently draws for his characters.

"They are to be enjoyed in company or all by your lonesome, either way, you'll never eat alone again," said Case Studyo, which has partnered with a range of designers and artists on limited-edition pieces. Jullien previously collaborated with the company to release a lamp shaped like a person, with a lightbulb for its face.

The plates can be purchased singly, for ?60.50 (£51), or as a set of six for ?302.50 (£254).

Jullien, who graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010, has risen to prominence in recent years. His Peace for Paris illustration, created in response to the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, became a shared symbol of unity in the aftermath.
In a recent exhibition in Belgium, the illustrator branched out into sculpture and showing a set of eight people made from sheets of bent metal and shown in various postures.

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