KC Design Studio adds multi-functional furnishings to Apartment X in Taipei - architecture and design

KC Design Studio adds multi-functional furnishings to Apartment X in Taipei

KC Design Studio has squeezed a series of living areas into this 46-square-metre apartment in Taipei by incorporating space-saving furniture pieces.

Apartment X was purchased by a young man in the finance industry, who tasked KC Design Studio with overhauling the space to accommodate his personal needs.

"It is true that humans have the greatest adaptation skills because we can get used to all kinds of spaces," explained the studio.
"However, after we became acquainted with the owner of this apartment, we realised it would be an issue to consider how this space could provide all of the required functions while also considering aesthetics."
"When he was talking to us about his likes and needs in life, there was such a great number that we couldn't count on our fingers and we thought the 46-square-metre space would not be large enough."
To make the apartment as efficient as possible, the studio decided to group similar living activities within the same zones and create space-saving furniture that serves a variety of functions.
For example, part of the kitchen work surface pivots out into the living space to become a dining table.

Similarly, the set of steel stairs that centres the apartment provides access to the mezzanine level, while the custom bannister ? also made of steel ? doubles as a shelving unit with a built-in television for the adjacent living area.
Spaces for activities that require less height such as sleeping, sitting and readin...
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