Koichi Takada to speak at DesignBUILD 2019 - architecture and design

Koichi Takada to speak at DesignBUILD 2019

Internationally recognised architect Koichi Takada will explore his philosophy of merging architecture with nature as part of the DesignBUILD speaker series on Thursday 16 May at 3pm.
Takada?s growing practice is also gaining an international reputation and is about to change the skylines of Tokyo, Los Angeles and Mexico City. The studio is currently working on six interiors for the National Museum of Qatar, under construction in Doha.
Originally from Japan, architect Koichi Takada asserts that the past and its traditions are vital when looking at the design of our future buildings.
Since establishing Koichi Takada Architects in 2008, Takada has led his Sydney-based practice to deliver award-winning projects such as Infinity in Green Square, a futuristic $525 million mixed-use development shaped like a giant loop and nicknamed The Doughnut. Ahead of the DesignBUILD expo in May, where Takada is one of the headline names in the speaker program, he reflects on the role of traditional culture in building design and its intersection with the use of nature in our cities to demand sustainability in densely urbanised cities.
?Japan has managed to preserve much of its traditional values and customs, which is something that we can learn from. Whether you are designing a house or a building ? or a whole city ? we need to be mindful that we don?t lose that heritage,? says Takada.
“In Japan, culturally and traditionally, people have that sense of respect, whether it is toward the ...
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