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Miravalle House | Colectivo 720

Designed by Colectivo 720, The house is located in the foothills of the western mountain range at 1025 m.s.n.m, in the municipality of Jamundí approximately 10km south of Santiago de Cali. The place of implantation is on the foot of a mountain of a tropical dry forest that adjoins on the western side of the house with the incidence of katabatic winds coming from the high of the hills.

The Promenade and the Program: Programmatically housing spaces are organized through a promenade route that connects the different areas, thus achieving a sequence of visuals directed and escaped into the landscape and into the interior of the living place. This strategy achieves different shades of light and penumbra. The house is made up of 4 volumes intersected by circulation that differentiates the uses from those of more social order to those of a more private nature.
The Tectonic: Understanding that stereotomic architecture is one in which the force of gravity is transmitted in a continuous manner and where the constructive continuity is complete, we designed architecture with a solid and stone enclosure. It is a proposal that seeks light and where its walls were perforated so that light and breezes enter it.

The Light: It has been projected as an element through which each of the spaces will be experienced. Driven by the design we managed to identify the enclosures and give them a specific character. In this way the light allows us to appreciate the shapes and hierarchize the spaces....
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