Monteverdi Hotel avoids "folkloristic approach" to restoration of medieval Tuscan hamlet - architecture and design

Monteverdi Hotel avoids "folkloristic approach" to restoration of medieval Tuscan hamlet

Crumbling buildings have been transformed into the boutique Monteverdi Hotel in Tuscany, which includes rustic bedroom suites and a cavernous spa.

Monteverdi Hotel is the brainchild of American italophile Michael Cioffi, who has spent years reviving the hamlet in Val d'Orcia ? a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Italy.

Old structures throughout the village, including three holiday villas, were refurbished over a 14 year period to form the 29-room hotel, a restaurant, culinary academy, and spa. The hamlet's 14th-century Chiesa Sant' Andrea church and its piazza were also transformed into performing arts and lecture venue.
Monteverdi's most recent expansion added six new suites and enhanced spa facilities.

The project was designed by Rome-based artist and interior designer Ilaria Miani, who is a celebrated for her expertise in restoring abandoned farmhouses, palaces, and villages around Italy. Together, Ciofi and Miani developed a design philosophy that would "strictly avoid a folkloristic approach to restoration, which has turned many historic Italian villages into tourist clichés". Instead, they aimed to simultaneously promote the storied beauty of the Val d'Orcia and contemporary design influences from Milan and Rome.

"Italians are terrified of having an overly touristic country," Miani told Dezeen. "We really tried to blur the lines between the old village and new additions to the property."

Some of the buildings were modernised in t...

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