Motiv Architects experiments with cross-laminated timber for Vancouver garage - architecture and design

Motiv Architects experiments with cross-laminated timber for Vancouver garage

Vancouver practice Motiv Architects has built a garage from cross-laminated timber as an experiment of working with the material on a small scale.
Called Eton Accessory Building, the garage is a 330-square-foot (30-square-metre) gabled structure on an alleyway in Vancouver. It is connected via a garden to the main residence that is on a separate street ? a programme common in the city.

Motiv Architects created the project to house the owner's restored vintage Mustang and to serve as a workshop for them to manage their industrial bag and belt fabrication company.
The studio built the garage with a prefabricated design using cross-laminated timber (CLT) because it wanted to learn how to use the engineered-wood building material.

"This 100-per-cent wood structure is a testament that no project is too small for prefabrication, its design born out of a strong desire to work with cross-laminated timber ? to better understand its properties as well as the efficiencies of its assembly on a project of a very small scale," Motiv Architects said.
CLT, which is made from layers of timber glued together, provided a way to build quickly and easily, as the site was rather inaccessible and surrounded by other garages and houses.
"The site presented a number of challenges ? accessed from a narrow alley with an overhead powerline, limited lay-down area and adjacent structures," Motiv Architects added.

It took under two days to build Eton Accessory Building and it was ...

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