MVRDV's artificial hill rises at Marble Arch in London - architecture and design

MVRDV's artificial hill rises at Marble Arch in London

The Marble Arch Mound, a viewpoint disguised as a hill designed by Dutch studio MVRDV, has been photographed rising alongside Hyde Park in London.
Rising 25 metres tall, the artificial hill is currently under construction alongside Marble Arch near the Oxford Street shopping district in central London.
The Marble Arch Mound is under construction in central London
The viewpoint and visitor attraction was commissioned by Westminster City Council as an attraction to draw people back to Oxford Street following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.
When complete, visitors will be able to climb up a staircase built into the artificial hill to see views across central London and down at Marble Arch ? the triumphal arch designed by architect John Nash. The staircase, which can be seen in the construction shots, will lead up the southern face of the hill, with visitors descending into an event space inside the structure.
The structure is built from scaffolding
Recently taken photographs show the scaffolding-pole structure of the hill largely complete.
This structure is in the process of being covered with turf and trees to create the appearance of a natural hill.
It will be covered in turf with occasional trees
According to the studio, the viewpoint's form was designed as a nod to the history of the site, which was once part of the adjacent Hyde Park.
"This project is a wonderful opportunity to give an impulse to a highly recognisable location in London," explained MVRDV...

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