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Nanjing Galaxy Kindergarten | Lacime Architects

Located in the heart of Xuanwu District , the project is close to Xuanwu Lake and two major roads of Nanjing. Initially, we consider how to make 5400-m2 urban space a children?s tribe where they can feel natural and free to explore urban space.

Twelve classrooms make up a miniature tribe of a city. We hope children can feel closer to nature, explore boldly, have fun and grow up healthy and free in this tribe. From the perspective of an innocent child who loves playing, architects design this special tribe to be a gift for this city.

The adult world is rife with tall buildings and hustle and bustle. But for children, a tree, a white tree house and shallow water are their small world. A building is designed with functions while a tree house nurtures a dream, because its mini shape is filled with imagination. Maybe a rabbit will jump out when it is opened.
The inner courtyard is surrounded by indoor winding corridor. Plenty of glass is used to accommodate the landscape of inner courtyard. Meanwhile, an unobstructed space is created in the center of the structure to blur the boundary between inner and outer space and inspire children?s curiosity. In the near future, there will be laughter everywhere. Just like flowing blood, this is a beginning and a memory.

After passing the structure in the center, there stands the children?s paradise. Due to an elevation difference between the place and road, folded rooftop form is used in municipal green space along the street, which be...

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