Nature Scenes are sculptural "still lifes" for recording urban wildlife - architecture and design

Nature Scenes are sculptural "still lifes" for recording urban wildlife

Designers from the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths, University of London, have produced a series of simple wildlife habitats that incorporate hidden cameras for capturing images of the animal visitors.
The habitats were designed by the team at the Interaction Research Studio to house its My Naturewatch wildlife camera, which can be built by novice naturalists using everyday materials and simple electronic components.

The installations, called Nature Scenes, will be presented as part of an exhibition called Brompton Biotopia taking place during the London Design Festival in September.
The exhibition will also include other examples of designers working on sustainable animal shelters.

A team from the south London institution originally developed the My Naturewatch camera to encourage users to document their neighbourhood's nature. The project's website offers instructions on how to create the simple and affordable cameras, which can be positioned near food sources to capture wildlife feeding.
For the Brompton Biotopia exhibition, curated by Jane Withers Studio, the designers created a range of installations for attracting and photographing different species using cameras encased within fruits and vegetables.
These hybrid compositions will be positioned around the Brompton Design District during the festival.

Each of the habitats is made using natural components such as branches, coconut shells and stones. These are combined with recycled materials such as pieces ...

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