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Netflix Headquarters, Los Gatos | Form4 Architecture

Designed by Form4 Architecture, the new Netflix Headquarters at Los Gatos is warm modernism at a human scale.

The design of the two buildings is done to make them appear as one while preserving their identities as individual structures. Having a total area of 241,000 square feet, the two buildings are connected by a sky bridge – located mid-air. This allows free flow from one building to another.Using layering, the interlocking of volumes, and extrusion, the natural light is let into the building seamlessly. The three prime design techniques make the building appear delicate and genteel. The facade has an interplay of aluminum fins, silver metal panels, and deep overhangs. There are punched openings carved against the metal panels, painted the color of terracotta. The curtain wall system uses smart glass to ensure an airy and bright environment for the users.
Smart Glass maximizes the amount of natural light that enters the building but reduces the glare. It also helps reduce the energy use from lighting and air-conditioning, by “tinting” the glass in response to the exterior conditions. In addition, the smart glass can also be controlled manually from wall-mounted switches,  or from a mobile device.The interior is designed to blur the lines between the work areas and areas for social recreation. With a focus on movement and creating collaborative spaces, the interiors of the Netflix headquarters uses warm colors and varied textures. The double height l...

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