Nike unveils Women's World Cup 2019 kits - architecture and design

Nike unveils Women's World Cup 2019 kits

Nike has revealed the new home and away football kits for 14 national teams ahead of this year's FIFA Women's World Cup in France.
The US, Australian, Canadian, English, French, Chinese, South African, Chilean, Dutch, South Korean, Nigerian, Brazilian, New Zealand and Norweigan kits were unveiled at a global event in Paris on 11 March, where representatives from each team were on-hand to model the pieces.
It is the first time since Nike began working with the Women's World Cup in 1995 that each kit has been designed especially for the women's teams, rather than as derivations of the uniforms made for men.
The US team kit evoke's the 1999 winning team's kit
The US women's national soccer team collection features an all-white home kit that is designed to channel the energy of 1999, the year the US hosted and won the tournament. The kit has a striped sleeve cuff, intended to evoke the uniforms worn in 1999 team and "all its championship glory", and is punctuated with three stars above the crest to represent the team's three World Cup wins in 1991, 1999 and 2015.
A back panel on the home shirt also includes a tonal grey print of the 50 states. For the away kit, the US team will wear a red shirt and shorts with blue socks, meant as an abstraction of the American flag.
Hosts France have a traditional blue home shirt with gold detailing
For the French team, who are hosting this year's championships, Nike chose a traditional blue shirt with rose gold detailing for the hom...

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