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Nogunri Peace Museum
150 people were dead. 13 people were missed and 55 people were injured and got a disability. It was in 1950 26 to 29 of july. However, that is incorrect number. Even more people were terrified in the tunnel over three days. Then divided their life and death. Half of a century passed. Nobody talked about responsibility. Can not find the truth. Incident happened but nowhere could find the clue. Thousand of the bereaved families had to perform an ancestral rites without an ancestral tablet. With all the endless efforts, the truth never reconstructed. Meanwhile, it is even concealed.
People said that is a tragedy of war or incidental case. It was tried to pacified with other cases. However every single testimonies stated the case. This nogunri case is not a small incident that can not buried in a huge tragedy called a war. Proclaimed a special law and memorial ceremony business is in a progress but the truth has not come yet. Still some part of the nogunri case are covered to be told as a history. Still uncertain about the subject and the object to talk about peace. Only the victims fear and the bereaved families pain remained clearly. © Jaekyung Kim
Communal memory
It was only because of the memory of the bereaved families that this nogunri case is appeared to the public. Their activities were there. Only because of that activities the part of the historical statements are exposed. This nogunri case can not be a history even that has this much of proofs.

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