Patagonia named UN Champion of the Earth - architecture and design

Patagonia named UN Champion of the Earth

On September 26, during the UN General Assembly, Patagonia was named a UN Champion of the Earth. Patagonia received the UN?s top environmental honour for a dynamic mix of policies that has put sustainability at the heart of its successful business model.
Since it was founded in 1973 by renowned environmentalist and entrepreneur Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has won plaudits for its sustainable supply chains and advocacy for the environment. The outdoor clothing brand recently updated its mission statement to reflect the urgency of the environmental crisis: ?We?re in business to save our home planet.?
?Through its commitment to sustainability and engagement with today?s most pressing environmental issues, Patagonia offers a perfect example of how the private sector can join the battle against climate change, biodiversity loss and other threats to human and planetary health. Patagonia shows that sustainability makes economic sense and the company?s success reveals a desire among consumers to see businesses take a leading role in tackling climate change and environmental degradation. Patagonia shows that it can be done, and done well.? ? Inger Andersen, Executive Director, UNEP. ?We are honoured to receive this award from the United Nations, and we hope it will inspire other companies by showing that you can have a prosperous business and also do good in the world. In fact, that is the only way to ensure your own survival and the survival of the planet. I have been encouraged to s...
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