Petit Pli makes expandable and reusable face mask from recycled plastic bottles - architecture and design

Petit Pli makes expandable and reusable face mask from recycled plastic bottles

Beta(MSK) by Petit Pli is a washable fabric face mask for the coronavirus pandemic made from recycled plastic bottles with pleats that adjust around the wearer's nose and chin.
The mask is the first item for adults made by Petit Pli, a "wearable technology company" that was the winner of Dezeen Awards wearable design of the year 2018 for its collection of expandable children's clothes.

Petit Pli used its patent-pending technology to create reusable face masks in response to reports that disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) has lead to a surge in plastic pollution during the pandemic.
"It didn't come as a surprise to me to hear this week that humanity is at risk of having more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean," Petit Pli founder Ryan Mario Yasin told Dezeen. "I created Petit Pli with the ambition of reducing waste and plastic pollution generated by the wearable industry," he added. "Petit Pli Beta(MSK) is my solution to reducing waste and inspiring humanity to embrace reusable masks to save them from living on our ocean floors for 450 years."

The same geometric pleats that Petit Pli used to make clothes that can expand as children grow has been used for the adult face masks.

Beta(MSK) fastens around the neck like a soft fabric collar. When the wearer wants to mask their mouth and nose, they simply tug on the top of the fabric to pull it up over their chin and nose in one quick movement.

A pocket between the face ...

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