Rachel Armstrong to speak about living architecture at Dezeen Day - architecture and design

Rachel Armstrong to speak about living architecture at Dezeen Day

Rachel Armstrong, professor of experimental architecture at Newcastle University, will speak about cities of the future at Dezeen Day on 30 October.
Armstrong is a pioneer of living architecture, an approach that explores how buildings can have some of the properties of natural systems.
A professor at Newcastle University's school of architecture, planning and landscape, she is also the director and founder of Experimental Architecture Group and coordinates the Living Architecture Systems Group ? a multidisciplinary research team investigating the subject.
Rachel Armstrong has joined the speakers at Dezeen Day
At Dezeen Day, Armstrong will discuss how we can look to living systems to come up with more sustainable ways to design and build cities. She will explore these ideas with fellow panelists transportation designer Paul Priestman and the curator of Barbican's recent exhibition AI: More Than Human, Suzanne Livingston.
In 2009, Armstrong gave a TED talk about how architecture has the potential to grow and repair itself. In it, she explains how architecture has the power to connect cities to the natural world.

Armstrong talked about living architecture during a TED talk
Dezeen Day is an international architecture, interiors and design conference, which will take place at the BFI Southbank in London on 30 October. It will focus on key topics in architecture and design including entrepreneurialism, the circular economy and the future of design education.
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