Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel Nova Serrana - architecture and design

Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel Nova Serrana

Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel, Nova Serrana Church, Brazillian Building, Images
Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel in Nova Serrana
Architectural Church Project in Brazil – design by Kruchin Arquitetura
14 Nov 2019
Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel
Architect: Kruchin Arquitetura
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Reserva do Vale Residential Condominium Chapel

The image on the ceiling of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Pillar, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, made an impact and was in the memory of the teenager who, for the first time, entered the temple built in the 18th century, mainly because the lamb and the cross depicted there reversed position as they walked toward the back of the ship. Almost two decades later, architect Samuel Kruchin returned to Ouro Preto to present a paper and returned to the church to try to understand how it happened. During the visit, he transferred to paper the geometry that created the sensation, he recalls.
Years later Kruchin Arquitetura was hired to develop the master plan for a high-end residential condominium that would be located in Nova Serrana, a midwestern city in that state. The work involved, in addition to the land parceling, the definition of the position of some elements of common use of the condominium. In 2010, the architect persuaded the developer in charge of the project to set up an ecumenical chapel in the condominium. ?I wanted to design a chapel? confesses Kruchin.

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