Shed prints plastic pollution on walls to highlight the problem of ocean waste - architecture and design

Shed prints plastic pollution on walls to highlight the problem of ocean waste

London pop-up store Pass on Plastic was decorated floor to ceiling with wallpaper depicting plastic waste to serve as a visual reminder to consumers of the growing problem of ocean plastic.
The temporary store which ran in London until earlier this year was intended to raise awareness of the use of single-use plastic products, which are ending up in the oceans.

London-based Shed collaborated with charity Project 0 and Sky Ocean Rescue on the interior design of the store which was created to encourage visitors to "pass on plastic".
Products available to buy within the store include reusable alternatives for bottles, cups, cutlery sets as well as beeswax food wrapping.

Imagery of everyday plastic products such as toothbrushes, plastic packaging and bottle caps were plastered on the walls and floor of the pop-up store, which is shortlisted for Dezeen Awards 2019. On first view, the wallpaper appeared to have a terrazzo-like texture, but as the viewer approached it became clear that the surfaces featured a collage of plastic debris.
Shed explained that the revelation was intended to be a memorable moment in the store experience, from which visitors could be driven to reconsider how they dispose of single-use plastic.

Blue-topped plinths dotted around the store were designed to invoke islands in an ocean, with products presented "like a premium item" on the top.
The products on sale were designed by 10 celebrity ambassadors, with each intended to replace a...

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