Skylights create rainbow patterns inside cedar-covered Cocoon House by Nina Edwards Anker - architecture and design

Skylights create rainbow patterns inside cedar-covered Cocoon House by Nina Edwards Anker

Coloured skylights offer rainbow-hued illuminations on one side of this holiday cottage that Nina Edwards Anker has designed in Long Island, while the other is covered in cedar shingles.

Architect and designer Anker, who runs New York's Nea Studio, completed the Cocoon House in Southampton, a seaside town on the South Fork of Long Island.
The cedar shingles cover the curved, northern side of the property, which was designed to adhere to restrictions for the house to remain a 150-foot-radius (46-metre-radius) from wetlands and 35 foot (12 metres) from neighbouring properties. Large expanses run along the souther side offering views of the garden.

"The Long Island cottage is split in two: 'cocooned' into a soft opaque shape that provides privacy, and transparent and crystalline to allow for views onto an undisturbed landscape," said the studio.
Two huge rounded windows punctuate each end of the glazed side of the property, fronting the large open living area and the master bedroom. A single-storey glass wall runs in between to flank the hallway that connects these two end.
The coloured skylights are angled over the walkway to reflect light from the pool and cistern that wraps the rear of the house.

"The colours range from vermilion red, which signals sunset and rest, above the master bedroom, to deep yellow, which signals zenith and activity, nearest the living room," said the studio.
The skylights above the hallway of the bedroom wing are based on t...

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