Slatted stone encloses glass extension for Edmonton Symphony Orchestra by Andrew Bromberg - architecture and design

Slatted stone encloses glass extension for Edmonton Symphony Orchestra by Andrew Bromberg

Architect Andrew Bromberg at Aedas has revealed the design for an extension to the home of Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Canada, featuring rounded glass walls wrapped by a slatted stone, and an elevated garden.

Andrew Bromberg at international architecture firm Aedas designed the renovation for the home of the orchestra called Winspear Centre for Music, located in downtown Edmonton.

The project will add a 30-metre high addition to house amenities and new spaces next to the existing cultural hub, which was built in 1997.
Bromberg's design will measure 4,500 square metres and comprise three storeys complete with underground parking. It will feature a rectangular base and a glazed, square portion on top that meets with an elevated garden.
A slatted roof will project outwards from the glass-enclosed main atrium, which features operable glass walls that open to the elevated gardens. The roof's overhanging eaves will be used to shade the garden and naturally cool the foyer inside.

The building will expand Edmonton's music offerings to include a new, 550-seat music venue called the "Music Box". The theatre will be on the second floor, and comprise a dark room with automated retractable seating.

A childcare centre, music library and additional rooms for the concert hall, along with parking, will also be located at ground level.
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