Snøhetta installs curved Best Weapon bench to encourage conversations at UN Headquarters - architecture and design

Snøhetta installs curved Best Weapon bench to encourage conversations at UN Headquarters

Architecture firm Snøhetta has installed a smile-shaped aluminium bench at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to promote "a message of peace and conflict resolution."

Currently on display outside of the UN Headquarters in New York, The Best Weapon is a six-and-a-half meter-long seat that Snøhetta created for the Nobel Peace Center. Its name originates from Nelson Mandela's historic quote:"The best weapon is to sit down and talk".
"The Best Weapon delivers a message of peace and conflict resolution, both as a functional piece that encourages conversation and social intimacy, and as a resilient symbol that anchors the Nobel Peace Center's mission for discourse and peace," Snøhetta said.
Photograph by Johannes Berg The sculptural bench is curved to bring users closer to one another, forcing them to converse.
"Designed as a partial circle that meets the ground at its lowest point, the gentle arc of the bench pulls those sitting on it closer together, subsequently and subtly encouraging dialogue," it said.
Photograph by Kim Haughton
The sculptural bench honours past Nobel Peace Prize laureates and the efforts they made to encourage dialogue in the midst of conflict. It is situated alongside the bronze "knotted gun" sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, which has become a global symbol of non-violence.
"Sited in such a prominent location both symbolically and physically, The Best Weapon takes on mult...


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