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Sousse and Bardo Memorial | George King Architects

Designed by George King Architects, Sousse and Bardo Memorial is a monument dedicated to the 31 British nationals who lost their lives and all those affected by the two terrorist attacks in Tunisia in 2015.

The design was inspired by the fluid geometry of flowing water, frozen in place, as if time has stood still at the moment of the attacks. At the center of the memorial is a sculpture titled ?Infinite Wave?? which recreates a single wave formed from 31 individual streams, one for each British national who lost their lives in the attacks. Each stream is formed from a graceful twisting and turning stainless steel tube. This material has been chosen for its reflective qualities which add to the water like the appearance of the form, creating a dynamic sculpture that reflects the trees, sunlight and natural landscape surrounding it. Photography: NAARO
What at first appears to be 31 individual threads are all, in fact, part of a single much longer continuous stream, eventually looping back in on itself and beginning again. The form of the overall wave has been carefully designed to be appreciated from many angles. In plan, it is a pure circular form, a symbol of continuity. When approached from the front the sculpture forms a simple arch which welcomes visitors inside. When viewed diagonally the form shifts to create the mathematical symbol of infinity, ?. As visitors move further around to view the sculpture from the side the form shifts again to create a pair of wings, a sy...

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