Studio Bark's flat-pack U-build system lets anyone self-build - architecture and design

Studio Bark's flat-pack U-build system lets anyone self-build

U-Build is a simple modular construction system designed by Studio Bark, which encourages individuals and communities to self-build.
The system relies solely on a flat-pack kit made from timber parts, and is born from Studio Bark's desire to make construction "truly affordable" for the public.
Components can be quickly slotted together like puzzle pieces to assemble a building frame, and easily dismantled, recycled or reused at the end of the building's life.
U-Build is a modular timber construction system developed by Studio Bark
"The design principles for U-Build came out of the desire to make construction truly affordable and truly self-built, opening up the prospect of self-led construction to a greater proportion of the general public," explained the London studio. "The U-Build system is reusable, environmentally responsible, and incredibly cost efficient, with no quality sacrificed."
It relies on a flat pack kit that can be assembled into a variety of different building frames
Every U-Build component is produced off-site by local CNC fabricators, before being transported to the construction site where a small team of people can construct a building, using only simple hand tools.
To create a frame, the flatpack pieces are first slotted together to create hollow boxes, some of which have windows.
The two bedroom Box House was Studio Bark's first large-scale use of the system 
These are then combined to create the desired configuration, rang...

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